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Fence/Curtain 2.1
Natural Threads 2016
Heritage Museums & Gardens, Sandwich, MA
Temporary public art installation

June 4 - October 10, 2016

Outdoor Installations


Fence/Curtain 2.1

Mixed media on stiffened fabric, 27' long x 48" high.

Fence/Curtain 2.1 is a decorative barrier that gives the illusion of a curtain, on exhibit in Natural Threads 2016 at the Heritage Museums & Gardens, in Sandwich, MA, on Cape Cod.

This piece was previously exhibited as Fence/Curtain 2.0 at the Boston Center for the Arts, in Boston, MA.

It is made of monoprinted textures of different patterns of construction fencing, and handstamped and hand painted geometric shapes, on cotton fabric that is stiffened and water resistant.

Fence/Curtain 2.1
Fence/Curtain 2.1
Fence/Curtain 2.1
Below is the back view from the road behind it.
Fence/Curtain 2.1
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Photo credit:Will Howcroft and Jeanne Williamson

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