Jeanne Williamson Ostroff

Seasonal Fence Series

Mixed Media on Cradled Board

Seasonal Fences - Winter #1
Seasonal Fences - Winter #1
mixed media on cradled board
22" x 10" x 1"



Artist's Statement

The Seasonal Fences series are abstractions of different colors of fences in contrast to the landscape during different seasons.

Seasonal Fences - Winter shows the landscape after the snow has fallen around the fence.
Seasonal Fences - Spring shows small Spring flowers that are starting to grow as the grass around it does too.
Seasonal Fences - Summer shows both flowers and hostas as they are growing on a very healthy lawn.

Seasonal Fences - Autumn shows the ground after the plants have died back, and some fallen leaves are still on the ground.

at Meditech in Framingham, MA

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Photo credits: Jeanne Williamson

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