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Dates in a Life Project

Mixed Media on Stiffened Fabric

Dates in a Life Project 2017
Dates in a Life Project
mixed media on stiffened fabric
36" x 49"
Work in progress through October 2017

Artist's Statement

The Dates in a Life Project documents the expiration and purchase dates of my family's milk purchases in 2017.

It's created with monoprinted textures of construction fences, combined with handpainting, stitching, and collaged paper and fabric on stiffened fabric.

The small printed dates are the expiration dates of our milk bottles.

The dotted white painted lines in-between the stitching mark how many bottles of milk were purchased that day. If we bought one bottle there's white below the day. If we bought a second bottle, there's white to the left of the day, and if we bought three, there's white to the right of the day.

The dotted lines connect the date we purchased the milk with the expiration date.

The solid white squares in the Sunday, Tuesday and Thursday columns show the expiration days of the milk company we commonly buy our milk from.

The dotted lines not only help to explain this project, but design-wise, the gridded "calendar" is now an abstract design because this is an art piece, not just a research project.

I will be adding more dates and dots as we need more milk through the end of 2017.

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